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Interior Design Services

Space Planning

- Floor plan creation to illustrate furniture layout

Color Consultation

- Paint, wallpaper, fabrics and trims

Window Treatments

- Custom draperies and window coverings


- Furniture, artwork, accessories, lighting  and floor coverings

“An empty room is a story waiting to happen, and you are the author.”


Home Staging is all about showing your home in its best possible light. To sell your home faster, it must stand out from the competition and create a strong first impression. 

Here are a few statistics regarding staging-​​

  1. 85% of staged homes sell for 6-25% more than unstaged homes

  2. Staged homes spend half the time on the market compared to unstaged homes

  3. The cost of staging is always less than your first price reduction.


A consultation is an amazing opportunity for me to meet with you to discuss your project and your vision. We will cover areas such as the style of the space, your budget and your timeline. Whether your needs are full interior design services, staging your home or you just crave a fresh new look, it all starts with that first meeting—so book your appointment today!

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