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My Approach

Interior design is about relationships- your relationship to your space. Giving your space a makeover can transform how you feel about your life and yourself.  When you allow me into your world I am truly excited about the challenge of delivering your design dreams. I enjoy getting to know you and your specific needs for your home, and I ensure that your thoughts and ideas are part of the finished design. Your delight in your new, elevated living space is my favourite part of the process. Bringing beauty and style into your home can have a lasting impact on your life.


Your home is your sanctuary, the place where you are surrounded by the people and things you love. It should have a warmth to it, be it through lighting, colour, texture or personal pieces. Your home should be an expression of who you are and what resonates with your soul.  A great style sense is the ability to know when to add or take away. Your own beloved furniture and heirlooms can be given new life through well chosen additions, fresh elements and a re-imagined  space.  If you long to transform your space from old and tired to new and uplifting, let’s start a new relationship with your inspired, perfect home.

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